Launched in 2013, the F-Type convertible was the first model of Jaguar’s new luxury sports car. A sophisticated take on a performance vehicle, the F-Type introduced a perfect balance between playful and practical. A multi-platform campaign and ad spot takeover of London’s Cannon Street station introduced the F-Type to the market. Glo was commissioned to create all of the digital assets for the campaign, which included digital display ads, an iOS game, and website creatives.
Client: Jaguar
Project: Campaign
Role: Designer


A cinematic-style ad starring Damian Lewis, with music by Lana Del Rey, was used to promote the F-Type on Tv and in cinema. Glo worked with Jaguars digital agency Spark44 to create the print and digital creatives. Here is our showreel.


Compete against others in the F-Type time trial game. Hear the roar of the F-Type’s V8 engine and get a feel for the performance as it accelerates around the track. Then playback your time trial attempt, learn about the vehicle and finish on the configurator, where you can customize the F-Type to your spec.